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You probably know Google Streetview, the world's largest virtual tour. You have undoubtedly also looked inside a building virtually on a website. That is exactly the thing we do not do.

Our virtual tours don't just consist of 360 photos to 'just' take a look at. No, with the use of various gamification and storytelling elements you really tell your story. You transform the user in a playful way into a lead, customer or fan. Perfect for recruitment and branding.

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Virtuele tour vol gamification & storytelling

Our virtual tours are a journey from A to B full of gamification and storytelling. No endless choices to walk around in circles, but a combination of videos, riddles, multiple choice questions and innovative virtual and augmented reality elements. An experience where you can stretch users' attention span by constantly providing new stimuli. A virtual tour where you tell a user in 5-10 minutes what makes your product, service, school or employer unique.

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Innovatief platform

Benefits of a virtual tour with Intractive

Available everywhere

Start anywhere using a QR code or link


Analytics dashboard full of actionable data


You can update the experience at any time

Wow factor

Use augmented and virtual reality for an instant wow factor

Use your virtual tour for:

University branding

Enthuse potential students remotely through a fun virtual tour. Activate them to do more research about your school or university themselves. Get the best first impression and that spot on the 'shortlist' of locations they want to visit. During that location visit, you can surprise them with a playful physical tour of the building or campus.

Employer branding

Virtual tours to win the 'War for Talent'. Because ultimately that talent chooses the companies with a good vision, core values, and a fun culture. Not just a good salary, but a place where meaning and impact are central. Via a virtual tour, you can convey this in a playful manner. You make the recruitment of new talent a lot more effective and fun.

Product branding

Virtual tours with Intractive are ideal to use as a branding tool. This way you let (potential) customers discover the story behind your product or brand. Increase your conversions with an honest look behind the scenes. Tell about your positive ambitions and let them experience through the virtual tour why you deserve the trust and ambassadorship.


You can also use a virtual tour as an interactive learning tool. Put several virtual tours together and you get an environment full of playful micro learnings. You can even expand the environment with a knowledge base, event module, or even your own app. This way you go from a virtual tour to your own e-learning platform.

QR codes

All virtual tours start with a QR code and link. It is also possible to have multiple QR codes and links leading to the same virtual tour. You can use these everywhere; marketing material, website, social campaigns o,r even in commercials. You can track exactly which activation leads the user to the virtual tour. With that data, you can optimize your marketing strategy.

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Data is power

Analytics dashboard

Each virtual tour gets its own analytics dashboard. Here you can follow through with which activation the user enters, but also the number of users, completion rate, and bounce rate per scene. Based on this data, you can see exactly where you can improve the virtual tour.

Our pride

Example projects


A virtual tour to attract starters

In cooperation with Unique we developed a virtual tour to tell starters what makes Unique so unique. In five minutes the user gets a picture of the vision, core values, and culture within the company. A playful way to break the ice and lower the threshold to getting in touch.

A unique job that was the starting point for virtual tours in the recruitment and onboarding of employees.

Hogeschool Utrecht

Virtual tour per domain of the HU

Utrecht University of Applied Sciences' studies are divided into five domains and a virtual tour has been developed for each domain. The aim of these tours is to enthuse students at a distance about the domain and to give them a glimpse of the buildings they might end up in.

Each tour has a student as a virtual tour guide who also studies within the domain. This gives the tours a real feel. Through the reviews, it is clear that students appreciate this enormously. Thanks to the domain tours, specific study programs have also had their own virtual tour made.


Virtual tour Safety first for Essent

Together with Essent, we developed a virtual tour or learning line for the safety of installers. Essent sells all kinds of solutions to make your house more sustainable, such as solar panels and insulation. For this, they work with external installers. To teach these installers about safety in a playful way, a virtual tour was developed in which Freek (the face of Essent) walks through a house and encounters all kinds of safety situations.

The user is given an active role and must come up with the best solution for certain safety situations. A tour in which the user unconsciously learns a lot.

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Virtual tour of the campus

For many national and international students, Groningen is not around the corner, so a virtual tour is very handy. The (potential) student gets to know the two campuses of the RUG in a playful 10-15 minute experience. The tours are greatly appreciated and thanks to the cooperation with the RUG, we were able to improve our concept even further.

A much-appreciated client and hopefully in the future we can also develop physical tours of the campuses.

Secretary Plus

A virtual tour to attract clients

Together with Secretary Plus, we created a virtual tour to stay 'top of mind' with potential clients. An experience in which we playfully present research results on the role of virtual assistants to clients.

The experience starts with a physical postcard, as soon as the card is scanned with the app, Manita (the virtual assistant) comes to life through augmented reality. With interactive 360° photos and multiple-choice questions, you will get to know all the services and advantages of S+. A virtual tour that really makes an impression!

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