Explore the surroundings

Innovative physical tours

Let users discover a building or environment in ain interactive way. An adventurous tour full of questions, riddles, and technology such as augmented and virtual reality.

They walk from point to point and are stimulated both physically and mentally. Perfect for the best first day at work, an atmospheric impression of a real study day, or, as an introductory tour.

Unique narrative

Content and interactions

Based on what you want to say, we come up with fun content and interactions. Think videos, riddles, photo assignments or multiple choice questions. But also 360 degrees with pressure points and augmented reality to literally make an environment come to life.

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Example projects

Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA)

University of Amsterdam (UvA)

The University of Amsterdam is the largest University in the Netherlands with 3 large campuses spread across the city. They want to innovate student recruitment with, among other things, playful on-demand tours. This way, potential students can visit the campus whenever they want and really make an outing of it. 

This fits exactly into our vision for open days; from a massive showcase to an atmosphere impression of a real study day. 


Dotslash campus tour

Dotslash is the start-up and scale-up hub of Utrecht. Spread over three office towers, more than 100 innovative companies are located here. This hotspot of the entrepreneurial Netherlands can be discovered with an interactive tour that introduces you to the environment in a playful way, literally bringing the campus to life. 

Curious about Dotslash and the companies it houses? Let us know and we will make sure you can experience the tour for yourself!



In collaboration with the company EnergyPlatform, EnergyWalks have been developed for various companies and municipalities. These are walks around company buildings that teach the user something about vitality in a fun way. A perfect example of combining mental and physical stimuli, users love it. 

Would you like to learn something about vitality yourself? There is a demo EnergyWalk around the Galgenwaard stadium in Utrecht.

City Challenge

City Challenge

City Challenge is an app full of city games that allow you to discover cities through fun scavenger hunts. This is the consumer product of Intractive. In addition to sales, these games serve mainly to stimulate the creativity of our team every Friday. Because cities are full of stories and we have the technology to make these stories come alive.

Curious? We are very generous and will gladly give you a game as a gift!

ROC midden Nederland

ROC midden Nederland

ROC midden Nederland implements teaching programs on positive health. After all, a successful study starts with the balance and health of the student. Three tours have been developed to bring the theory to life. During a walk, students learn more about the six dimensions of positive health.

Besides the tours, all kinds of games have been developed for the vitality lab.

Poppi: Drugs Museum Amsterdam

A tour experience as an open-air museum

Together with Poppi, a tour has been developed in which locations that have been involved in drug use, come to life. Starting at the central station, users are taken through a story of drug use that turns the Red Light District into a real open-air museum. Archive footage is combined with new content.

You can experience this tour through Poppi's website. 

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