The new way of product branding with interactive QR code experiences

Transform (potential) customers into ambassadors by telling the story behind the product and brand.

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Gamification and storytelling

Show what makes your product unique

Create an informative, innovative and interactive experience full of gamification and storytelling. Stretch the attention span and ensure the best word of mouth.

Connection and engagement

Connect customers to your brand

Gain trust and create a positive emotional connection with your product or brand.

Why it works

Grab attention

Thanks to a WoW factor with virtual- and augmented reality

Tell your story

And show customers what makes your product unique

Build engagement

By using interactions and asking questions

Create a positive emotional connection

And transform them into ambassadors

Measure your success

Analyse and optimise

Deploy the experience both online and offline; on the product, socials, newsletter, ads, events. Each activation gets a unique QR code and link. By collecting user data, you can optimise both the experience and your marketing strategy

Make the experience yourself or with us

What can you expect?

  • The option to create everything together with us or all by yourself!

  • Access to an analytics dashboard with data from your experience

  • Support from Intractive when needed

  • A modular experience that is always adjustable

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They went before you

They went before you