Intractive studio

This is how we work

In four steps to an interactive experience. If you want to create the experience(s) yourself, we will explain the process and the software to you. If you want us to create it for you, we will take almost all the work off your hands.

Step 1
  • First, an interview to find out what the right storyline is

  • Second, a script meeting to add gamification elements

Step 2
  • You collect existing content such as photos and videos

  • Our production team will bring a visit to shoot new content

Step 3
  • We produce the experience in the Intractive builder

  • For you, it's time to sit back and relax

Step 4
  • You and whoever you want get time to test the draft version

  • After incorporating feedback, we launch the experience

After the launch

Activation & optimization

After launch, activation and optimization starts. We offer support for the following:

Acces and analytics

After the launch, you will get full access to the builder and analytics dashboard. You can track the usage of the experience(s) and make adjustments whenever you want.


Creating the experience is only the start. It's all about the activation. During an activation meeting, we will give you tips and, if necessary, we can also offer support.

From concept to launch

Our expert explains it to you

Watch the video on the right for a more detailed explanation of our process.

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