This is how we work

In 4 steps to an interactive experience. If you make it yourself, we'll explain our process and the software. If you want us to make it, we'll take almost all the work off your hands.

Step 1
  • You write down your story in our script framework

  • We transform it into a playful tour

Step 2
  • You collect existing content

  • We create new content

Step 3
  • We produce the tour

  • You sit back and relax

Step 4
  • You test and give feedback

  • We process this and launch the tour

From concept to launch

Our expert explains it to you

Watch the video on the right for a more detailed explanation of our process.

After the launch

Activation & optimization

After launch, activation and optimization starts. We offer support for the following:

Analytics dashboard

Each tour is modular and gets an analytics dashboard. Based on this data, we can further optimize the experience.

Activation package

Our production team helps you activate users with creative content. Among other things, we create a short trailer for your socials.

Are you ready for it?

Schedule a no-obligation demo. If you didn't find it interesting, we'll pay you for your time!

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