Easily build your own micro-learning platform

An e-learning or onboarding platform with interactive experiences full of gamification & storytelling.

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  • Web-based (no app required)

  • No-code platform

  • Useful add-ons

The power of level based micro-learning

Learning should be easy and fun. Pack your information into short levels of 5 to 10 minutes. Ideal for learning on-the-go.

While waiting for the bus, in line at the supermarket, or even on the toilet during a number two.

Gamification illustration


Article module

Upload articles, videos, or audio clips onto a knowledge base

Event Module

Create events that users can subscribe to

Personal login & data

Track progress and scores for each user

Wow factor

Use augmented and virtual reality for an instant wow factor

Mobile-first and web-based

Our platform is designed for mobile learning, since you always have your smartphone with you. However, you can also start each learning experience through your laptop or desktop computer.

No app download is needed, everything is web-based. The platform is customizable to your own style and can even be integrated with your website.

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They went before you

They went before you