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Interactive and innovative

The power of gamification and storytelling

In neuroscience, storytelling and gamification are popular topics. It allows you to stretch your attention span, improve information storage, and create a positive emotional connection.

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Getting started

Build yourself or with us

Build mobile interactive experiences easily and without coding yourself. The experiences are modular with different types of scenes; video, questions, photo assignments, virtual reality, augmented reality, maps, branching, etc.  

Do you want to have it made by us? Then our creative production team is ready for you!

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Experience it yourself

Want to test the power of gamification, storytelling and our technology yourself? We got you covered! Scan the code with your phone or click on the button and experience it yourself.

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Why Intractive?

With Intractive, you wrap your organization's story in an informative, innovative and interactive experience.


Full of gamification and storytelling


Modular and always adaptable


Easy and immediate start with QR and link


Wow factor through augmented and virtual reality


Data for improvement

Each experience starts with a QR code and link. You can use this everywhere; website, marketing material, social campaigns, mailing, etc. You can see in the analytics dashboard through which activation a user enters, if they finished the experience and what rating they give. With that data, you can improve the experience and activation.

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What our customers say

Foto van Frans van Leeuwen

"We started with one interactive experience to test if it would fit in our vitality programs. The result was amazing! Currently, we have a complete platform of interactive experiences that we deploy in all our programs."

Frans van Leeuwen, MSc
Partner | EnergyConsultant

"Intractive helped us in an innovative way to distribute results of a survey to our customers. They immediately understood what our desire was and delivered a beautiful final product in a short period of time."

Mandy van Keijzerswaard
Director Secretary Plus

“Had very pleasant cooperation with Intractive for virtual tours to get acquainted with the RUG. We had a hard deadline, but we made it – with top results!”

Samantha Jansen

Student Information & Events

"It was immediately clear that the team at Intractive knew what they were doing. Even the process was an interactive experience and the final product exceeds expectations. Here's to another collaboration!"

Alex Jansen
Vitality Lab Project Leader

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