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We pack your story into an informative, innovative, and interactive experience for your target audience. The latest technology, gamification, and storytelling ensure a pleasant experience, either when building it as when using it. This way, your target group discovers in a playful and active way what your organization stands for. 

Cloud-based platform

Tell your story powerful

Offer an interactive experience with gamification and storytelling elements, so it will never become boring. Tell your story step-by-step and focus on the content you really want your target audience to see. You can do that with:

  • Easy to use gamification elements

  • A simple editor for augmented and virtual reality

  • State-of-the-art design for storytelling

Always available

Offer user-friendly experiences that can be used anywhere

We provide interactive experiences that can be used anywhere, anytime. From recruitment to campus tours. The concept remains the same, the story is different every time. With our experiences, you are able to:

  • Start anywhere with a QR code or link

  • Work on any platform and on any device

  • Customize scenes in the platform easily


Gain insight into the power of your story

All experiences are measured for effectiveness. In a clear dashboard, you get insight into what triggers your users and where they disengage.

  • Measure the effectiveness of your (marketing) expressions

  • Get clear insight into engagement and conversion

  • Receive quarterly updates with advice to optimize

Modern tools

Stand out from your competition

Experiences with Intractive are unique. With our experiences, you provide users with that WOW factor. You give them the best first impression by:

  • Building experiences with modern technology

  • Using the proven WOW factor through augmented and virtual reality

  • Seeking interaction with the user

Technology in the right hands

Your experience is live on the cloud-based platform Intractive. With content locations around the world, you can be sure that your experience is always working and available. 

Content Delivery Network

Always online, blazing fast

All content in our experiences is delivered with the speed of light

Multi platform

App & Web

Your experience is available on our web- and app platform


Constante verbetering

You experiences will be kept up-to-date through updates done on our platform


We are there for you

The platform is being monitored 24/7. Still need help? Our team is always available for you.

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They went before you

They went before you