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They went before you

They went before you

Foto van Frans van Leeuwen

"We started with one interactive experience to test if it would fit in our vitality programs. The result was amazing! Currently, we have a complete platform of interactive experiences that we deploy in all our programs."

Frans van Leeuwen, MSc
Partner | EnergyConsultant

"Intractive helped us in an innovative way to distribute results of a survey to our customers. They immediately understood what our desire was and delivered a beautiful final product in a short period of time."

Mandy van Keijzerswaard
Director Secretary Plus

“The helpfulness, professionalism, honesty, and smooth switching is refreshing and enjoyable and has resulted in a great first interactive tour of the Campus in Amersfoort.”

Angelique Koosman
Online Community Manager

"It was immediately clear that the team at Intractive knew what they were doing. Even the process was an interactive experience and the final product exceeds expectations. Here's to another collaboration!"

Alex Jansen
Vitality Lab Project Leader