Strengthen your Employer Brand and create the best first impression with an interactive QR code experience

Recruitment and employer branding tool to discover the story behind the company in a playful way

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Attention is connection

Storytelling and gamification

The attention span of digital generations is getting shorter and shorter. Yet by using storytelling and gamification, you can stretch this considerably.

Through a 5-minute interactive experience, you can already create a positive emotional connection. Enough to lower the threshold to that first conversation.

Voorbeeld van interactieve ervaring
QR code as gateway

Experience it yourself

Your virtual employer branding experience can be launched both online and offline with a link or a QR code. Scan the code or press play to find out why it works.

Very user-friendly

Create it yourself or with us

Intractive offers an easy to use Content Management System for mobile experiences. Everybody can create experiences and publish and update with the press of a button.

No coding needed

Everyone without technical knowledge can create high-end experiences.

Location based tour experiences

Create impressive tours on campuses, through cities or buildings.

Web-based platform

Available anytime, anywhere. Just press a link or scan a QR code and start.

Complete learning platform

From one experience to a whole interactive e-learning or onboarding platform.

Happy to help

Need creative help?

You don't have to worry about technology, content is key. If you need help creating content, the Intractive studio team is here to help.

To Intractive Studio

Save time and money

The power of data

Each experience gets its own analytics dashboard. Based on collected user data, you can optimise the experience and your employer branding strategy.

Each marketing expression (website, socials, flyers, events, presentation) gets a unique QR code and link. This allows you to see exactly which activation is most effective.

Cross channel marketing
On location

Scavenger hunt through company building

In addition to a virtual employer branding experience, create a physical scavenger hunt through your company premises A site visit or first day at work has never been so impressive.

Interactive learning platform

Full onboarding platform

Are you as excited as us after creating your first interactive experience? Then go one step further and use Intractive to set up a full onboarding platform.

We'll show you how to create fans with interactive experiences

Fill in the form, and we'll get in touch to schedule a demo. The personalised demo consists of the following (30 min):

  • Discuss what Intractive can do for your organisation

  • Show our technology and answer your questions

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They went before you

They went before you