Strengthen your Employer Brand with gamification

A recruitment and employer branding tool to playfully tell the story of your company.

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  • Best first impression

  • Enthuse and activate

  • Find suitable candidates


Find talent that fits your organization

Finding employees in a tight labor market is not easy. Stand out and communicate what you stand for.

Let them discover your vision, core values and culture through an interactive experience full of gamification and storytelling.

Attention is connection

The attention span of digital generations is increasingly shorter. You can stretch this by giving them an active attitude and lots of stimuli.

By alternating videos, questions, assignments, virtual- and augmented reality, you can hold their attention for 5-10 minutes. Enough time for a positive emotional connection to form and the best first impression.

Experience it yourself

QR code as a gateway

Your virtual employer branding experience can be launched anywhere and on any smartphone with link or QR code.

Place the experience on your work site, LinkedIn, flyers, bus stops, advertisements, wherever you want. Want to try it out yourself? Scan the QR code or press the button for an example.

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Analyze and optimize

In the analytics dashboard, you can see exactly through which marketing action users enter the experience, whether they finish it and what feedback they give. Powerful data to optimize your recruitment strategy, so you can save time and money.

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Scavenger hunt through company building

In addition to a virtual employer branding tool, create a physical scavenger hunt through your company building. With augmented reality we literally make the surroundings come to life.

A location visit has never been so impressive. Perfect as a tour for students, an addition to the candidate experience or for the best first day at work.

More than recruitment

From recruitment to onboarding

Connecting new talent to your organization doesn't stop with the recruitment of a new employee.

With Intractive, you can easily create a complete onboarding platform. With learning lines full of gamification, knowledge base, and event module. Want to know more? Then go to our onboarding page.

Example projects


Campus recruitment for Unique

Unique is an employment agency where campus recruitment is hugely important. They focus mainly on start-ups and young professionals. For a presentation at Windesheim University, they wanted something different to stand out.

After hearing about our interactive experiences, the deal was quickly made. An experience had to be ready within 3 weeks because the presentation was already scheduled.

An extremely tight deadline, but a challenge we gladly accepted. And with success. A simple experience immediately resulted in contact requests. A start of a beautiful employer branding collaboration.


Employer branding in vitality

EnergyPlatform is a company that deploys vitality programs to companies and organizations. A successful and fast-growing company where they are always looking for consultants with extra energy. An Employer Branding experience was ready within 6 weeks and so successful that it didn't stop there.

EnergyPlatform has partnered with Intractive and now creates their own experiences for its programs. They have their own EnergyPlatform app running on our software with numerous interactive learning lines, knowledge base, and event modules.

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