Interactive campus tour for the best first impression

Not a massive showcase, but a real atmosphere impression of the campus. An on-demand virtual or physical tour full of gamification and storytelling.

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Interactive and innovative

Make the campus come alive

The site visit is the most powerful tool in the recruitment process. You allow students to experience the study environment for themselves. With our technology, your campus literally comes to life and you create an adventurous experience that fits the digital generations.

Also as a virtual tour

In addition to physical tours on location, you can visit the campus virtually. In our own style of course because just walking through your building in 360 degrees does not stimulate. You have to take potential students along in a story and inform, enthuse and energize them.

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QR code as a gateway

Your campus tour can be started on any smartphone with a link or QR code.

Place the experience on your website, Instagram, flyers, bus stops, ads, wherever you want. Want to try it out yourself? Scan the QR code or press the button for an example.

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Data is power

Analyze & optimize

In the analytics dashboard, you can see exactly through which marketing action users enter the experience, whether they finish it and what feedback they give. Powerful data to optimize your recruitment strategy, so you can save time and money.

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Satisfied customers


“We worked with the enthusiastic team at Intractive to create a beautiful virtual experience in a short period of time for the induction of our first-year students. The reactions were so positive that more experiences followed as an addition to our online open days. Once again, Intractive provided a super nice result with which we can attract students!”

Janneke Swart
Content adviser


“The helpfulness, professionalism, honesty, and smooth switching is refreshing and enjoyable and has resulted in a great first interactive tour of the Campus in Amersfoort.”

Angelique Koosman
Online Community Manager

“Had very pleasant cooperation with Intractive for virtual tours to get acquainted with the RUG. We had a hard deadline, but we made it – with top results!”

Samantha Jansen

Student Information & Events

“During several projects, I have worked with Intractive. What I really appreciate as a customer is the proactive and flexible attitude of the team. They like to think along with you for a creative solution that also fits well with my situation. With this support, they show that they want to go the extra mile for their customers.”

Tessa Langedijk
Marketing and communications consultant
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