Mission and vision

About us

In 2015, we started a city game in Amsterdam (City Challenge). Tourists and day trippers discovered the city through a tour full of playful challenges. Our introduction to the power of gamification and storytelling.

That power didn't just strike us. At the request of companies, we launched tests in 2019 to deploy our software for other purposes. Each time it turned out to be a hit. Because conveying information in a playful way allows you to stretch attention spans and people remember information better.

Our team loved it. We could help others with our technology and knowledge. So that's our goal; to help organizations with a good story communicate their vision and values. Wrapping their stories in informative, innovative and interactive experiences that create a positive emotional connection.

We turn the QR code into a seal of approval and gateway to these stories. Making an impact through the organizations that have people's best interests at heart and let the world win.

Only the best experiences become positive memories

Team Intractive
Meet the team

The faces of Intractive

Boy van der Laak

Code guru

If you can think it you can program it, that's his motto. No is not an option, at most tweaking to reach the end goal. A self-trained full stack programmer who has felt most comfortable in code since the age of 12. 

Nick Leeftink

Dream designer

Transforming concepts into experiences of the highest possible quality is where his passion lies. Keeping an overview and remaining calm with a smile in even the most difficult situations is his superpower.

Luuk Koedam

Concept visionair

Problems do not exist, only concepts. Bursting with ideas, creativity and an interactive solution for every problem. A real thinker who believes that you can make a game out of anything.

Oscar Wientjes

Professional storyteller

Give him an opening and he will happily tell you about all the wonderful information circulating in his head. A man you can listen to for hours, but also by listening carefully himself can always help you.

Gwen de Ruiter

Lightning-fast regulator

Give her a to-do list and before you've written down the last item, the rest has been fixed. A real organizer who can really get anything done with her experience in television productions, personal charms and stress resistance. 

Alex op de Weegh

Social regulator

A man with a mission. His enthusiasm is contagious and he knows how to get everyone involved in the story of Intractive.

Jules Winckers

Marketing Maestro

Has unraveled the secret of Google and is now deploying it at Intractive. With Jules on board, we have all the expertise we need about findability and activation. This he puts to use for us, but also for our clients.

Aimée Frieden

Researcher of the impossible

Exploring new markets is her job, making the impossible feasible with solid research is her strength. Thanks to her, we discover new opportunities time and time again.

Christien Smit

Head first impression

Her superpower is to give our day the best start and end you could possibly want. Her smile, kindness, and positivity make even the most impatient visitor happy. 


Director cuddler

Do you need a hug? Kenai will come to you without you having to say a word. Our mascot, support, and companion in good and bad times.



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